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Presenting at Hawaii International Conference on Education

January 4, 2020

What: Presenting two papers at HICE
When: January 4-7, 2020
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

Paper #1, “Arts Education Training for Tomorrow’s Elementary Teachers: Will They Be Ready,” with Peter Vietgen and Shelley Griffin:

This qualitative research, conducted at Brock University (Ontario, Canada) explores the “readiness” of elementary generalist preservice teachers. Four key “Arts” disciplines—dance, drama, music, and visual arts—at the elementary (K-8) level are highlighted. Data collected from preservice teachers after participation in a full-day Arts intensive conference will be showcased. The presentation features analyses of open-ended surveys, interviews, and photographs, demonstrating that teachers need more Arts in their teacher preparation programs.

Paper #2, “Intricate Interplaying: Modes of Musical Meaning-Making,” with Shelley Griffin:

Through the combined expertise of private string music teachers, young musicians (age 5–16) and their parents, this study explores the intricate interplaying of modes—stringed instruments, theatre, artistic journals, children’s literature, and digital media. We investigate how these modes, alongside community perspectives, inform pedagogical innovation in music education. Musical learning is a continuum as opposed to a dichotomy. Future practices in community-based musical training and school music can benefit from assembling modes of meaning-making.

See more at, and see details in the program.

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