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Someday I hope to write a book where the royalties will pay for the copies I give away.
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Courses taught


Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Brock University

  • 8P30 – Language Arts/Literacy
  • 8P33 – Drama-in-Education


Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Brock University

  • 8P33 – Drama-in-Education
  • Cohort Group


Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Brock University

  • 8P23 – Drama-in-Education
  • Cohort Group

2004 to 2009

Instructor, University of British Columbia (UBC).

  • LLED 320 – Curriculum and Instruction in Language and Literacy Education: Elementary and Middle Years
  • LLED 433 – Drama-in-Education: Kindergarten and Primary Grades
  • LLED 434 – Drama in education: Middle and High School
  • LLED 441 – Introduction to Teaching Children’s Literature

Teaching-Related Employment


Creative Writing for Children curriculum developer, teacher, mentor

Graduate Research Assistant, UBC/Family Services of Greater Vancouver, under the supervision of Dr. Theresa Rogers:

  • Working with street entrenched and homeless youth
  • Youth CLAIM project
  • Collecting and analyzing data about literacy, multimedia, and multi-modal meaning-making

Graduate Research Assistant, UBC/Vancouver School Board, under the supervision of Dr. Theresa Rogers:

  • Co-writing reading comprehension tests for the IRIS
  • Testing students’ reading comprehension (grades 3-8)
  • Collecting and analyzing data


Writer and performer for Tickle Trunk Players, Vancouver Theatre and Education Troupe

2002-2006: Graduate Research Assistant

UBC/Newton Learning Centre (Surrey, BC)
under the supervision of Dr. Theresa Rogers, Associate Professor (Faculty of Education)

  • collecting and analyzing data
  • organizing an end of the year student gallery to demonstrate how literacy and media intersect
  • tutoring reluctant and at-risk teens in the areas of literacy, creative writing, drama, visual art and filmmaking

2002-2003: Graduate Research Assistant

UBC/Strathcona Public School (Vancouver, BC)
under the supervision of Dr. Shelley Hymel, Professor (Faculty of Education)

  • teaching both academic and social skills to children with special needs
  • assisting students as they are re-integrated into regular education classrooms


Young People’s Conservatory summer school director, Rogue Music Theatre (Grants Pass, Oregon)


Special Education Teacher, Creedmoor Elementary School (North Carolina)


Writing Composition Instructor, Southern Oregon Correctional Facility (Grants Pass, Oregon)


Special Education Teacher, Credle Elementary School (North Carolina)


Early Childhood Educator, Humberside Village Preschool (Toronto)


Kari is an inspiring teacher. Her interactive techniques in the class are motivating, fun and informative. Using Readers Theatre, she introduced me to a wide variety of children’s literature through a diverse set of activities that I still use in my classroom today. I love the way Kari explores literature through a mixture of subjects – art, drama, music. I try to teach my students to view literature in the same dynamic way that Kari taught me to.

Adrienne Stewardson, Grade 7 teacher Vancouver, BC

I have had the absolute pleasure of having Kari-Lynn Winters as an instructor for a Language and Literacy Education course at the University of British Columbia. She has been an inspiration to me, completely changing my own perception on the importance of literacy and teaching me to discover the “power of words”.

Kari has a very strong belief in an arts-integrated approach for literacy and has introduced to us many different multi-modal strategies, which would keep any class activity engaged, creative, and lively, just as her class is.

Always respectful, encouraging, and thoughtful, Kari has gone above and beyond what any university instructor would be expected to do and has reached out to every single student in our class. I feel very fortunate to have been part of Kari’s class and truly feel that I will carry everything that I have learned from her throughout my own professional career in the future.

Kay Shinada

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