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Never lend books, for no one ever returns them. The only books I have in my library are books that other folks have leant me.
Anatole France


this has not been updated since 2010

These are books and published journal articles which have cited my work. If you find one I’ve missed, please send me a note.

Alvermann, Donna. Adolescents’ Online Literacies: Connecting Classrooms, Digital Media, and Popular Culture. Peter Lang Publishing, 2010. Cited on pages 106, 207, and endnotes. Read online.

Beare, David. A/r/tography, Secondary Theatre Teaching, and The Theatre of Possibilities Project. Journal Youth Theatre Journal 23(2), 2009. Cited on pages 163 and 164. Read online (not free). See relevant excerpt (PDF).

Boesveld, Sarah. “New ideas fuel anxiety as parents expect more from their children and educators,” in National Post, June 2, 2013. Read online.

Booth, David. It’s Critical!: Classroom Strategies for Promoting Critical and Creative. Pembroke Publishers Limited, 2008. Read online.

Givens, Cherie. “Pre-censorship of children’s books: Curtailing the freedom of speech and expression of Canadian authors and illustrators.” Paper presented at 31st International Board on Books for Young People Congress, Copenhagen 2008. Read online.

Kitchen, Julian. “The Gift of Education.” Brock Education Journal 22:1 (November 2012), online at

McNicol, Sarah. Forbidden Fruit: censorship of literature and information for young people. Brown Walker Press, 2008. Cited on pages 61 and 63. Read online.

, David. “The
and ‘ethical 
and their 
importance for process
 the first years of schooling.

” Drama Research: International Journal of Drama in Education vol. 1 (November 2009). Cited on pages 74, 87. See excerpt (PDF).

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