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Don't just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they read.
George Carlin

author visits

Keri Winters Author Visits

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Available for:

Large group presentations

These 50 minute interactive presentations are both educational and engaging.  They include: readings from my books and magazine stories, puppets, songs, strategies for literacy and drama, a question period, and a book signing (Primary up to grade 5)

I can also modify a presentation for pre-schools and kindergarten classrooms or for grade 8 students.


The cost for a presentation or workshop depends on the type of presentation, the number of presentations, and any required accommodation or travel costs. My rates are set by CANSCAIP.

I offer a discount of $50 if you can recommend me to another school or library and they invite me to visit.

To book Kari-Lynn for a visit or for more information about her upcoming visits, please contact Valerie or Marsha at
Authors Booking Services. For other questions, contact Kari.

Tickle Trunk performances

See details on, and a list of, performances I do with Tickle Trunk Players at their website,


I lead workshops in reading strategies, writing, publishing, drama, multi-modal literacies, or any combination.


Do dragons play hockey and stomp their feet? Are shapes found in your environment? Students use storytelling, movement, improvisation, and fingerplays to create understandings about math and poetry. This workshop is full of giggles and math concepts.  It offers dynamic and embodied strategies to bring books to life for young readers. (Preschool-Grade 2) (60 min.)


What happens when Jeffrey gets carried away and starts to make Sloth do any number of things? Put yourself inside this story—become a sloth,  draw a new ending, participate in an imagined court case,  and devise a myriad of ways to get these characters to stop being so controlling. Active storytelling, movement, songs, puppets, and oral presentations make this workshop a hit with primary and middle school students!  (K-7) (60 min.)


Show, don’t tell. Keep the plot moving. Explore the musicality of the language.  These are concepts that many authors grapple with even before they touch the keyboard. But what do these guidelines really mean for creators? In what ways do these guidelines require authors to evoke different forms — forms that go beyond words such as movement, images, rhythms, and layouts? How might authors layer these ideas in order to create a better story? In this workshop, award-winning author and Ph.D. candidate Kari-Lynn Winters will demonstrate some of the ways you can make your writing leap, sing, and dance off the page. (Grades 5-adult) (75 min.)


Humour is a tremendous tool for writers. Skillful humour can make your stories more memorable, improve your writing, and earn you financial and personal rewards. In this workshop, award winning children’s author and playwright Kari-Lynn Winters will draw on her own books as well as the writing of others in order to demonstrate six concrete ways to hone your humour writing and keep them laughing. (Grades 5-Adult) (75 min.)

The How, Now, Wow, Pows of Picturebook Writing

Picturebooks are not just illustrated stories. Rather, they are unique literary forms that combine two distinct modes of representation—pictures and words—into a synergistic composite text. In this interactive session, Kari-Lynn Winters will challenge some of the myths of picturebook writing, demonstrate the process of creating a picturebook, and discuss what it takes to create a well-loved, publishable picture book. (Grades 5-Adult) (75 min.)


Finding the most apt genre for your story is no easy task. Writing a short story is different from writing a play and writing a picture book is distinct from writing a graphic novel — not only the format, but in the composing itself. As an award winning children’s author and playwright who has had experience writing across genres, Kari-Lynn Winters can say that each transformation requires its own unique organization, thought patterns, and communicative expression. Ideas such as text purpose, audience, and benefits/limitations of different genres will be explored. Authors and illustrators will love this interactive session. (Highschool-Adult) (90 min.)


Author visits in action (see also articles about author visits, book tours)

Kari-Lynn Winters – Promotional Video from Videos by Janet on Vimeo.

This highlight video was created by Janet Krzeczkowski, a fabulous videographer.
Visit: for more of her videos.


A teacher workshop with Kari-Lynn Winters is lively, fun, and full of fresh ideas. I have left her workshops with many strategies to support my students’ literacy through storybooks, drama, and games. She demonstrates how a teacher can make children active participants in classroom literacy experiences. I am so glad that Kari introduced me to her delightful children’s book Jeffrey and Sloth. This humorous story highlights our power to create wonderful stories with our drawings and writing. It is a must have book for any early childhood or primary classroom. I highly recommend her teacher workshop to any school, and would love to have her back at mine.

David Johnson, Teacher, Ivy Montessori School (Vancouver, BC)

One of our best author visits!

Becky Pendleton, Teacher-librarian, Ferris Elementary, Richmond, BC, 2009

Kari Winters is an outstanding author whose ideas really resonate with children, making children’s learning feel relevant and purposeful to them. Whether she is writing about the struggle for writing topics in Jeffrey and Sloth, or giving children an easy way to remember math concepts through rhythmic poems in aRHYTHMetic, she relates to students and makes them feel that they too can accomplish their dreams one day.

Amanda Vine, Grade 2 Teacher, Clemens Mill Public School, Cambridge, 2008

From the moment Kari-Lynn took the floor, she didn’t disappoint. She captivated the minds and ears of both the preschool-to-primary children and their parents with ease, taking us from one imaginative setting to the next through songs, finger plays and puppets. She showed great intuition – she always seemed to know just when the children needed to stand up and move around or needed more visual stimulation or interaction, which greatly helped to keep the children engaged and focused. And her quick wit and welcoming nature allowed her to quickly and calmly respond to all the incessant questions/comments thrown at her from the very inquisitive audience.

Mary Jo Wagner, Freelance writer, editor, media consultant, Vancouver, 2009

[Kari-Lynn’s] energy and enthusiasm were infectious. Her creativity and dedication to the craft of children’s literature were inspiring. And I really appreciated her patience and graciousness with the organizers and the children alike.

Raymond Nakamura, Ph.D., President, Dunbar Memorial Preschool, Vancouver, 2009

List of schools, libraries, and museums I’ve presented at:

I have a long list of all the places I’ve done author visits, 2007-2011, but haven’t yet organized it for online posting. Contact me for details.

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