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Hungry for the Arts: Poems to Chomp On

Hungry for the Arts
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Winters, Kari-Lynn and Lori Sherritt-Fleming (2021). Illustrated by Peggy Collins. Hungry for the Arts: Poems to Chomp On. Markham: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 32 pages, ISBN 9781554554669. Ages 5-9. Sequel to Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On and Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch On.

Explore your creativity with Hungry for the Arts: Poems to Chomp On, a collection of scrumptious poems, highlighting concepts like pathways, dynamics, roles, and textures! This third book in the Hungry for… (STEAM) series features dancing dinosaurs, jazzy cats, a dramatic ride, and a homemade robot that whizzes through chores.

About the authors and illustrator

Kari-Lynn Winters is an author, poet, and performer. She is Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, where she teaches drama-in-education.

Lori Sherritt-Fleming is a natural and accomplished author, educator and performer. Her first picture book was aRHYTHMetic, published in 2009. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Peggy Collins is the illustrator of In the Garden and Tooter’s Stinky Wish. She lives with her family near Kingston, Ontario.



    Kirkus Reviews (June 29, 2021)

    Are you hungry for the arts? “Choose buffets or a-la-carte. / Music, / dance, / drama, / art!”

    Although many of the poems herein really encompass several arts, a color-coded circle at the beginning of each poem identifies the featured topic. Poems with a green dot for drama include the (very busy) jungle-, pirate-, and alien-themed “When I’m…,” with plenty of R’s to roll and roles to play; “A Dramatic Ride” reenactment of a “ride [on] the Loop-de-Loop, the curviest coaster”; and “Move Into Drama,” which offers movement exercises to “make… / roles seem real.” One dance poem creates silly rhymes to bring sports moves to the dance floor by suggesting “basketball with a teacup pup,” “hockey with a mallard duck,” and “soccer with a lone star tick,” and readers will giggle their way through “The Whammy-Roo,” a new dance demonstrated by two White kids, one nondisabled and one who uses a wheelchair. Creative poetry formats include an acrostic, one all about the rhythm written with musical quarter and eighth notes, another defining musical terms using creative font manipulation, and an ode to shapes in art. “Circle, where would I be… / If you left me? Where would I even start…?” Bright cartoon illustrations starring animals, robots, dinosaurs, and a multiracial ensemble of children fairly scream fun and encourage active, creative participation in the arts.

    A creative invitation to sample (and cook up) a smorgasbord of art, drama, dance, and music.

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