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Fiction allows us to slide into these other heads, these other places, and look out through other eyes.
- Neil Gaiman

recommended books

Favourite Children’s Books

This list changes all the time. Currently Kari’s favourite books include:

  • Collins, S. – The Hunger Games
  • Creech, S. – Love That Dog
  • Feiffer, J. – Meanwhile
  • Fox, M. – Tough Boris
  • Gillmor, D. Gay (author), M.L.(illustrator) – When Vegetables Go Bad
  • Hesse, K. – Out of the Dust
  • Hughes, V. (author), Czernecki, S. (illustrator) – Aziz the Storyteller
  • Lobel, A. – Owl at Home
  • McPhail, D. – Mole Music
  • Porter, P. – The Crazy Man
  • Ward, D. – Escape the Mask
  • Watt, M. – Scaredy Squirrel
  • Willems, M. – Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late
  • Willems, M. – Knuffle Bunny

Recommended books for writers

  • Brand, D. – A Map to the Door of No Return
  • Goldberg, N. – Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life
  • Lamott, A. – Bird by Bird
  • New York Times – Writers [on Writing]

Favourite Academic Writers

  • David Booth
  • Jerome Bruner
  • Eliot Eisner
  • Jerome Harste
  • Carey Jewitt
  • Maureen Kendrick
  • Gunther Kress
  • Theresa Rogers
  • Jennifer Rowsell
  • Louise Rosenblatt
  • Pippa Stein
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